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Steel coils (set of 4)

Steel coils (set of 4)

A set of four steel coils, great for use as loads on railway wagons or road vehicles, moving between steel mills, docks, and steel processing facilities. The coils can also be scenery items, as steel facilities often have dozens of coils in storage.

We offer several sizes available, representing the variety of coils seen on trains. Choose from 40, 50, or 60 inch width (100cm, 127cm, and 152cm). The coils have an inner diameter of 30 inches (76cm) and an outer diameter of 60 inches (152cm).

Coils can have different orientations when loaded on wagons: "eye to side", "eye to rear", or "eye to sky". These refer to the direction that the central hole is facing. "Eye to side" or "eye to rear" are most common, as they are easy to load. However, these orientations require coils to be loaded in cradles to prevent them from rolling away in transit - we offer several designs of steel coil cradle. "Eye to sky" coils need little or no bracing.

The model coils are available in O, OO, TT, and N gauge. Get in touch if you would like another scale.

Please note that our models are supplied unpainted, and the colour of the model may differ from the photographed examples.

Information for painting, gluing and working with our models can be found here.

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