Three Peaks Models are a UK-based designed and manufacturer of 3D printed items for model railways. We aim to provide a unique and varied range of items, allowing you to accurately recreate the setting of your choice, and making your layout stand out from the crowd.

Through the use of 3D printing technology, we are easily able to produce the same model in a variety of scales - whether it's OO, N, or something a bit more niche, we'll give it a go! We are also proud to offer more variety among our products - get the scenery to fit your layout, rather than building your layout to fit the scenery!

We would gratefully receive your suggestions on what to add to our product line, or on variations that you would find useful.

Bespoke Design

We offer bespoke model design services, creating the exact item you want to your specifications. Get in touch today, with the details of what you'd like created, and get a quote!

Demonstration Stand

If you're looking for something different at your model railway show or exhibition, why not have a 3D printing demonstration? Despite their growing popularity, most have never seen a 3D printer in operation!


Will you print my 3D design?

We will consider offering this service for well-designed models created by a customer - please get in touch to discuss your needs. We do not offer printing of third party designs downloaded from websites such as Printables.com, as most such models are not licensed for commercial use.

What printers and filament do you use?

We use two methods of 3D printing: Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) and Stereolithography (SLA). FDM or "filament" printing uses PLA plastic, which is melted and deposited in layers to build up a model. PLA is safe and easy to use, and very suitable for scale modelling. SLA or "resin" printing uses a UV-cured resin and allows us to achieve very high levels of detail and smooth curves on the models that require it.

Any advice for working with our 3D printed models?

We have put together a separate page with some information about working with our models, which can be found here.