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Egg-end boiler scale model

Egg-end boiler scale model

A scale model of an egg-end boiler, also known as an egg-ended boiler. This design of boiler popular during the 19th century, and our model represents a prototype of length of 30ft and diameter 5ft 6in.

Egg-end boilers used an external heat source below the boiler, meaning that they were a simple design. However, they were less efficient than later fire tube boilers. After replacement with more modern designs, many egg-end boilers were used as water storage tanks. This even includes use as water towers for steam locomotives!

This model would be at home in many industrial scenes, whether in use as a boiler, in later use for water storage, or abandoned and rusting away outside. The model would also suit an industrial museum scene, and preserved examples can be found at locations like the Beamish Museum and the Black Country Living Museum.

This model comes as a simple two-part kit, with the top and bottom halves needing to be glued together. Assembly instructions can be found here. Several connections exist in the top of the boiler barrel, to which steam and water pipes could be added, to enhance the model.

To complete your industrial scene, we also offer detailed models of Lancashire Boilers.

OO, TT, N, and Z gauge models are available. Interested in a different scale? Send us a message!

Please note that our models are supplied unpainted, and the colour of the model may differ from the photographed examples.

Information for painting, gluing and working with our models can be found here.

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