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NEM 356 357 coupler to fit NEM 355 pocket (set of 12)

NEM 356 357 coupler to fit NEM 355 pocket (set of 12)

A set of 12 NEM couplers to fit standard NEM pockets in N gauge and 009/OO9 rolling stock. These are "Rapido" style couplers adhering to the NEM 356 and 357 standards, and fit any compatible NEM 355 pockets. These couplers can be fitted to kits or used as replacements for lost couplers.

The couplers are standard length, with a 4.1mm long arm between the pivot and the rear of the coupler.

These couplers work with any other rolling stock that uses "Rapido" style coupler faces (NEM 356), but cannot be fitted to non-standard coupler pockets, such as Graham Farish sprung coupler fittings.

Please note that our models are supplied unpainted, and the colour of the model may differ from the photographed examples.

Information for painting, gluing and working with our models can be found here.

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