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Coventry Maudslay Regent bus scale model

Coventry Maudslay Regent bus scale model

This item is sold exclusively through our partner, Roger Bailey. Customers interested in purchasing it should contact him directly at

In the email, please mention reference code 076_00054_01 for OO scale and 148_00054_01 for N scale.

Scale model bus kit of a Coventry Maudslay Regent double decker bus.

Only nine of these buses were produced and had numbers 117-125. They were unique to Coventry. They were based on the AEC Regent but were assembled by the local company Maudslay, with Metro Cammell H58R bodies. They entered service in 1951 and were withdrawn by 1965.

This model comes as an unpainted kit, consisting of a 2-part resin 3D printed body shell, the 2 interiors, and the four wheels. The kit does not include glazing or transfers. Assembly instructions for the kit can be found here.

Available in OO (1:76) and N (1:148).

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