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L&Y 16ft wagon underframe

L&Y 16ft wagon underframe

An underframe / chassis for an L&Y 16ft wagon with 9ft wheelbase. This is the same underframe as used for our own L&Y wagon kits, e.g. the L&Y Diagram 1 Low Goods.

The underframe could also be easily modified to suit other 9ft wheelbase wagons - for example, 15ft underframe wagons used a near identical arrangement, simply removing 6" from either end of the underframe.

The outside dimensions of the underframe woodwork are 15' 3" long x 6' 9½" wide x 7" tall. The underframe does not include the headstocks or buffers, as the precise arrangement of the headstocks varied from wagon to wagon. The headstocks are taken to be 4½" at each end.

The sides of the main wagon body were wider than the underframe, typically 7' 6½", and met the underframe at the 7" mark. However, the wagon floor typically began at 10" - our own wagon bodies include an extra 3" of underframe to account for this

Two forms of the underframe are available, varying the position of the handbrake levers. The "brakes same end" version places both handbrake levers at the same end of the wagon, the L&Y's initial response to a requirement for two hand brake levers per wagon. The "brakes right hand end" has a post-1903 arrangement, meeting the new requirement that handbrake levers were always at the right hand side.

Optional coupler pockets are provided. In N, standard NEM 355 pockets, in addition to NEM 356/357 couplers. In OO, standard NEM 362 pockets are provided, without couplers. The coupler pockets are designed to sit up against a wagon floor at 10" height, but could be sanded down to suit a lower floor.

The models are set up to accept standard pin-point axles - 14.3mm length in N, 26mm length for OO/EM/P4.

Please note that our models are supplied unpainted, and the colour of the model may differ from the photographed examples.

Information for painting, gluing and working with our models can be found here.

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