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Bradford Trolleybus scale model

Bradford Trolleybus scale model

A 3D printed scale model of a 1950s Bradford Trolleybus, with four different versions available: two front entrance versions and two rear entrance versions.

For the front entrance versions, both are based on a Karrier chassis and have an East Lancs H37/29F body. The late version has taller windows are the front and so the position of the detailing on the front is different to the early version. The later version is very similar to the trolley bus that was labelled "Bradford's last trolleybus" in 1972.

For the rear entrance versions, both the early and late version are based on a Karrier chassis and an East Lancs body H35/28R. The main difference is the late version has a step near the rear entrance and the lower deck rear windows are the same size. Whereas the early version is flat by the rear entrance and the lower deck rear windows are different sizes. The position of the destination board on the side of the trolleybus also differs between the early and late versions.

The rear entrance trolleybuses are 1ft shorter than the front entrance versions.

Each trolleybus model comes as an unpainted kit, consisting of two resin 3D printed body shells that form the upper and lower decks, two interior piece for the upper and lower deck interiors/chassis, and the four wheels. The front entrance versions will also need their wing mirrors attaching. The kit does not include the trolley poles, glazing or transfers.

Assembly instructions for the front entrance version can be found here and the rear entrance version here.

East Lancs Model Tramway Supplies have trolley poles available. Note that these trolley buses would have has two poles each.

OO (1:76) and N (1:148) gauge models are available. Interested in a different scale? Send us a message!

Please note that our models are supplied unpainted, and the colour of the model may differ from the photographed examples.

Information for painting, gluing and working with our models can be found here.

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