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BR speed limit sign - stencil / cut out style

BR speed limit sign - stencil / cut out style

Sets of 3D printed scale models of "stencil" or "cut out" style permanent speed restriction signs. These signs were installed by BR until the late 1980s and signs of this type can still be found in some locations.

This style of sign was introduced by the LNER ca. 1938, and were originally painted white. The design was adopted nationally by BR in 1957, and used for new installations until 1988. Yellow paint was introduced following the cold winter of 1963, to improve the visibility of signs in snow. Directional arrows were applied to indicate speed limits applicable to diverging routes. See the website for further details on the history and use of these signs (entries 13.17-13.19, or 13.11-13.13 for the LNER design).

We offer the signs as either:

  • 4 signs of a single value in sets of 4 with 4 directional arrows
  • 9 signs with a range of speeds, 5-45 mph or 50-100 mph, with 8 directional arrows.

The arrows that can be applied to the signs as needed with a small spot of cyanoacrylate glue.

These signs are available in N, OO and O gauge.

Please note that our models are supplied unpainted, and the colour of the model may differ from the photographed examples.

Information for painting, gluing and working with our models can be found here.

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